The new SDL view in graphql-playground v1.8.5

Rohit Ravikoti

Rohit Ravikoti

COO & Co-founder @ Novvum • 2 min read

The new SDL view in graphql-playground v1.8.5

Here at Novvum, we fell in love with GraphQL two years ago and have been using it to build products for our clients ever since. We attended the 2018 GraphQL summit and were inspired to see all of the awesome companies adopting the technology. The GraphQL community has helped us greatly in delivering robust applications to our clients, and we wanted to repay the favor by doing some contributions of our own:

The new SDL view in graphql-playground v1.8.5!


Without further ado, let’s jump into some of the features that come with the release!

A new side tab

To better represent the new functionality, the previous “SCHEMA” tab has been renamed to “DOCS” and a new tab called “SCHEMA”, which displays the SDL view, was added.

Light and dark themes

The SDL view works nicely with both the light and dark themes. By default, playground comes in the dark theme, but you can enable the light theme by going into settings and changing the "editor.theme" property to "light".

Export to JSON and GraphQL SDL

There are two formats available for downloading the schema. You can download a .json file containing the schema’s introspection response by clicking the “JSON” button and you can download a .graphql file containing the schema’s SDL by clicking the “SDL” button.

Enable/disable comments

To make comments visible, you can set the "schema.disableComments" property to false in the settings.

This is only the beginning

We really enjoyed working on this feature with the Prisma team and we’ve already started working on a few more features coming soon 😄. This is just the start and we are committed and excited to contribute more actively to the GraphQL community!